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Roof repair and replacement Newtown, CT

We at FJS Building & Remodeling have over 25 years of knowledge and trust built in the Construction Trade. As you explore areas of our website you will see various projects we have completed for our clients and urge you to ask around about our quality of work and reliability of our customer service. We believe you will find that our company has been well established here in Connecticut and our quality of work is done right.

Dodgingtown Vol. Fire Co. Roof Replacement Newtown, CT

          Dodgingtown Vol. Fire   roof replacement newtown ct   Newtown Fire

Offering Roof Repair and Replacement is more than just selling new shingles and replacing the old ones. It's about understanding a roofing system as well as building construction. After all ... the whole purpose of a roof is to keep the elements out.

phil's main roofingWhen it comes to roofing materials there is a large selection out there to chose from. Buying a roofing shingle that says it rated for 30yrs unfortunately doesn't mean that alone will keep your home leak free for that duration of time. Proper design and construction are truly the foundation of a trouble free roof. Knowledgable installation of roofing products are a must. In Connecticut with our ever changing seasons and weather this certainly holds true for roof installations. Our experienced roofing crew will come to your location and assess the work based on a few factors. The nature of work in terms of whether the roof is being replaced wholly or partially, the area of the roof to be replaced in square feet and materials needed for the project.

The labor to be involved in the project will also influence the roof replacement estimates. A good contractor always assumes that he will carry out the project and hence, provides a realistic estimate to avoid over or under estimating the cost only to affect the value of the project. We are a fully licensed and insured contractor in the State of Connecticut and adhere to all safety standards in the work environment. If you are in need of roof repair or replacement and would like one of our professional roofing specialist evaluate the current condition of your home or building please provide us some basic information on our contact page and we will begin our evaluation process.