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Let's face it ... The heartbeat of every family's home is the kitchen. As a residential contractor for over 25 years projects like kitchen renovation are truly enjoyable to me.

Our Design/build team certainly takes pride in providing our clients with exceptional creative solutions to their home's remodeling or kitchen renovation project. We here at FJS Building & Remodeling have established a rather large network of various manufacturers and vendors allowing us to provide our clients with many different options.

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Upgrading your kitchen whether your need is for esthetic purposes, better functionality and gaining or making use of existing space it all has to start with proper planning. With today's incredible reach we all have via the Internet "truly a great tool for this task". It enables a modern approach, most of the kitchen remodeling projects start with the clients looking at various sites on the Internet for ideas. If you haven't heard of Pinterest yet we highly recommend that you go to their site and discover creative ideas for projects or interests, hand-picked by people like you. take a look at some of the creative ideas it's users have shared.

Pinterest is a great visual information sharing site that allows it's users to share something they like, seen or even created. There are literally thousands of great ideas shared on their site daily some are just brilliant. We recently completed a small project for a client in Westport that started with a idea they seen on Pinterest. It involved making use of the typical dead space found under a common stairway (typically builders just sheet rock over this space to inclose it). We made great use of this space by building a custom recessed bookshelf underneath it for our client.

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As you can see if you take the time and investigate various ideas and work with a skillful contractor truly the sky's the limit.

Today's modern kitchen amenities Are truly quite impressive from refrigerated cabinet drawers that can be placed anywhere in the kitchen to Energy saving instant hot water faucets. We feel spoiled sometimes working in these very large homes throughout Fairfield County but it keeps us in touch will all of the modern Technologies that have that entered into the home builders New World.

Each year a few members of our staff attend homebuilder shows throughout the United States this is a great resource to not only see the newest and latest products but to continue and build new relationships with new vendors and manufacturers. We would love to have an opportunity to discuss your latest kitchen renovation or remodeling project with you. Contacting us is very easy and you can do so right now by visiting our contact page.