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Deck Replacement - Repair 

Deck replacement and repair has been a service FJS Building & Remodeling has provided in Fairfield County for many years. Any New Englander certainly is no stranger to our changing seasons. In August those hot summer days with blistering rays of sunlight beating down on everything to the freeze of winter and all the element in between.

Most common wooden decks and patios if not constructed and treated right the life span can sadly become quite short when exposed to these elements. A weakened deck or an improperly constructed one can be quite hazardous as well. As with any form of construction it is only strong as the foundation it is constructed upon. Every Town and City in Connecticut has strict building and safety codes in place, even for what some people consider a small construction project like a deck for a residential home. It truly upsets us when we come across deck repair projects that have failed prematurely because the previous contractors used inferior materials or didn't follow standard building practices. As the old saying goes "you get what you pay for" and construction isn't by anyway isolated from that.

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With years in this trade we have come upon such decks that were poorly constructed mostly not using the right hardware to hold it together and survive our sometimes harsh weather conditions. Repairs are sometimes a simple fix or exchange of new hardware or decking if dealt with early on but in some cases complete replacement is the only option. You can rest assured FJS Building & Remodeling can provide you with a very safe and secure deck that will give your family great enjoyment for many years to come. We will take your existing plan or even develop a completely new deck design that will enhance your house and property and make you the envy of your neighborhood.

Deck construction has come a long way since the standard pressure treated lumber decks of the past. Today's building market has seen the introduction of many new products that triple the life span of traditional decking. Although a bit pricier Composite decking material has many advantages over traditional decking material with the main focus being all most no need to maintain it compared to traditional pressure treated lumber. Deck hardware has also came a long way as well with newer designs that support more weight and better protection through enhanced coating processes.

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Patios and custom decks come in all shapes, sizes and creative designs. It is always our pleasure sharing the creative deck design work we have done on past projects with our new clients. Creativity is part of our process when working on custom deck projects sometime something as simple as angling the planks during the design phase will take your deck into a completely unique look. Whether you need your current deck repaired or replaced we are always available to consult with you. Just provide us with your basic information on our contact page and we will shortly get your project moving forward.